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Dessert Women

The ladies behind all the beautiful embroideries and handicrafts in India.. The photos are taken in Jaisalmer.. a unique village in Rajastani dessert. Every woman in this dessert is a very capable artisan. The area is specialized in patchwork… around the narrow street you will find beautiful bed covers, wall hangings and table cloths for… View more

the heart of a knowmad

Travel is a fascinating hunt, you go out there and you don’t know what bird you will be dealt. Travel is like wine, you drink and you cannot guess what visions will descend on your head. Surely traveling you always find what is inside you. Unwillingly, through the infinite impressions that flood your eyes, you… View more

Hindu Sunset Ceremony

Hindu sunset ceremony ! I went in this temple Without ‘sarong’ the typical Balinese skirt that both men and women wearing like the one U see at the picture and suddenly I hear a men screaming in a language that I don’t understand (Balinese) pointing my clothes ! I should wear sarong to Enter the… View more