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I could spend countless hours writing about the green rice fields, but I should be short. People say that website content is like skirts. They should be short enough to remain interesting.. but if you want to really enjoy this deep color of the rice fields you should have some time to spend… This colour grabbed my attention instantly and I remain its hostage ever since then … the ultimate green … a green that is full of life and promise a wrist that matures slowly into the colour of happiness …

If you love the rice fields as I do, visit Bali in February and March and Sapa (North Vietnam) in August and September.

When you want to know the world you should not stay on the tourist trail, you should not live only with the expat community. You need to expose yourself to the life of locals.. There are some pros and cons. I remember the time when I went a little far away from the center of Jaipur and I directed towards a so called “industrial area”… I was so scared when I saw the countless families living literally on the road with only property a piece of cloth for shade … I almost cried. I wanted to catch the first plane for home. But I said to myself: “You wanted to see the world, didn’t you? Well, this is the  world”… India is not a place for the faint-hearted.. It took me a a little longer than a while to start enjoying living here… and I’m still in the process …